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Last year, we obtained funding from the Digital Freedom Fund to answer the following research question: 

What is the most strategic path to challenge the use of facial recognition technologies (“FRTs”) by law enforcement and judicial authorities in Italy?

Our answer lies in the pages of the first report, which includes the results of our research efforts over the past months, focusing specifically on the relevance of FRTs within criminal proceedings.

In the second report, we added another piece to the puzzle, investigating the actual use of FRTs by Italian police headquarters, Public Prosecutors' offices, and Municipalities. 

The results obtained were compiled into a map that represents a starting point for monitoring the use of FRTs in “critical activities” as the identification of subjects and the control of public spaces.

Are you a lawyer and are you dealing with a potential criminal case in which FRT was used? 

Have you been recognised through a FRT-equipped system (e.g., SARI-Enterprise) with criminal consequences?

Contact us: we will provide the help you need to navigate the matter and identify the best strategic moves. Together we can achieve the strengthening of those fundamental rights and freedoms which are inextricably linked to a correct use of facial recognition!

Read the report!

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