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​StraLi is a non-partisan, non-denominational, democratic and non-profit association

ETS - ODV (Third Sector Entity - Voluntary Organization) which, inspired by civic, solidarity and social utility purposes, carries out its activity in the sector of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms through the tools of strategic litigation.


Download the activities report:

What is the purpose of strategic litigation ?

The primary purpose of strategic litigation is to bring within the legal system in which it operates an improvement in the protection of the rights recognized therein or the affirmation of new rights if they are absent.

How is this goal pursued ?

To achieve our objectives, we first seek to obtain decisions from (national and international) judges that create a precedent or lead to a regulatory change. Secondly, we try to stimulate the awareness and attention of the public on a specific sensitive issue, thus opening new horizons for discussion on as yet unexplored paths, for the benefit of all.

How does StraLi work ?

By using the technique of strategic litigation, a crucial aspect of StraLi's work is the research and identification of individual emblematic cases that can serve as a "battering ram" to highlight violations or the lack of protection of a right within a specific context.

Key sources of identification are both the legal community and sector-specific associations engaged in the defense of rights and freedoms, but you can also be one.

What about after a case is found ?

To give resonance to the rights involved, we take action by combining two different activities:

1) We support the defender in the judicial proceedings.

2)We carry out a communication campaign aimed at publicizing the case, raising public awareness about the issue, with the prior consent of the individuals involved.

What does the technical-legal support consist of ?

StraLi provides practical technical-legal support to the individual by supporting his or her defense counsel throughout the entire litigation process. StraLi's practical activity depends on the situation: it may be to conduct research useful to the case, to provide technical advice, to draft  legal documents, or whatever other activities are necessary.


Finally, StraLi will be able to intervene directly in the process, if the situation allows and requires it, as a representative of aggrieved interests or even as amicus curiae in supranational jurisdictions.

What does the communication activity consist of ?

StraLi's communication activities include the publication of articles, organization of meetings, information campaigns, including communication on social networks. These aim to bring the alleged violation to the public's attention, in order to generate awareness and stimulate a public debate on the issue.

Why request Strali's intervention ?

Because it is the only association in Italy that deals exclusively with strategic litigation.

Because it does not involve additional costs for either the assisted or the defender.

Because it provides the qualified and motivated skills of people with experience in the field.

Because strategic litigation is a technique that works, as several foreign experiences show.

Because if you win it's nice, but if everyone wins it's better.

Would you like an example ?

On our Battles page, you will find the cases we have analyzed.

We recommend starting here, with the case listed below:

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