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Often the initiative arises from necessity. StraLi was born from the meeting of some jurists who, faced with the dysfunctions of the justice system, share the same need.

So called by the javelin, the arrow, the dart that hits the target in the center, StraLi (STRAtegic LItigation) is a non-profit association made up of seven young Turin jurists with the aim of promoting the protection of rights through the tools of strategic litigation.



She is a lawyer specialized in criminal law and human rights. Se holds a PhD in criminal procedural law and cooperates with the chair of Penitentiary Law at the University of Turin. She collaborates with numerous human rights associations, with a focus on detention’s conditions and torture, and she is part of the legal team of Antigone NGO

benedetta perego

Benedetta Perego


nicolò bussolati

Criminal lawyer from Turin, he studied at Columbia University and the University of Amsterdam, from which he obtained a PhD in international criminal law. He has been a consultant for NATO and the United Nations. Currently, he is a member and international observer for the Democratic Jurists Association, and collaborates with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

Nicolò Bussolati

Vice President

Criminal defense lawyer, she specialised in criminal and environmental law. After years of practice between Milan and Turin, she moved to Amsterdam where she is furthering her studies in Business Human Rights and International Criminal Law. Over the years, she gained various experiences in domestic and international litigation in the field of human rights and criminal law.

federica genovesi

Federica Genovesi


Graduated in Law and Labor Consultant enrolled in the Turin Register, she specialized in assisting foreign clients operating in Italy, startups and multinationals, in terms of payroll and strategic consultancy on personnel management. She is dedicated to human rights in the field of labor law.

Bertolino - Profile Pic.png

Elisa Bertolino 


Journalist and press office specialist in Turin. After some experiences in the institutional and cultural fields, she is now working in the Communication department of a company. Shas has been volunteering for more than 10 years. In StraLi, she is active in the association’s board and in the Communication Team, where she contributes to the communication strategies and for the media relations.

miriam corgiant mecio

Miriam Corgiat Mecio

Board Members


Criminal Lawyer and coordinator of the Strategic Litigation Team. After studying at the University of Turin and Münster, he specialized in national criminal law and did training periods at the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice. He currently works in a multidisciplinary firm located in Turin-Milan-Luxembourg, on issues of European and international criminal law.

emanuele ficara

Emanuele Ficara

Litigation Team 

PhD student in Management, Production and Design at the Politecnico di Torino with a background in Law, her research is focused mainly on work organization and management, diversity and gender issues. She also has experience in communication and public relations, as a copywriter and author, with an always multidisciplinary and empathetic approach.

greta temporin

Greta Temporin

Communication Team 

PhD student in Political Science at the University of Genoa, with a project on the relationship between intersex people and the law. She obtained a master's in European Legal Studies, and a postgraduate master's degree in Gender Studies and Politics. She collaborates with the European Network on Religion and Belief in Brussels, and is a member of the scientific committee of the CIRSDe research centre.

martina molinari

Martina Molinari

Grants and Funds Team 


edoardo dettorre

Edoardo D'Ettorre

Lawyer, after graduating from law school he practiced criminal law for several years and from 2018 to 2022 was part of the Executive of the Criminal Chamber of Western Piedmont and Aosta Valley. 

In September 2022 he entered the nonprofit world in healthcare, where he currently serves as Administrative Director at a Turin-based foundation.

elena esposito

Criminal and human rights lawyer and former active member of Giuristi Democratici and ELDH as an observer of judicial processes. She has been specializing in project management and management of humanitarian interventions in emergency and conflict contexts - a field in which she worked for several years before qualifying and where she currently works full time.

Elena Esposito


Antonio is one of the founding members of StraLi. He is a civil lawyer and, after attending the LLM in "Comparative law, economics and finance" at the International University College of Turin, he settled in Milan, where he carries out his professional practice with a particular focus on social integration and anti-discrimination issues.

antonio ferrero

Antonio Ferrero

luna ambrosini

Luna Ambrosini

After passing the Bar Exam in Italy, he moved to Amsterdam for an LLM thinking of staying there for one year only, instead, it will soon be five years. Despite being a Legal Counsel for a fintech, he has been collaborating with StraLi since 2019. Throughout the years he mostly focused on the socialmedia side and to civil and environmental law, as well as relationships with other entities.

jacopo abbastista

Jacopo Abbattista

A scholarship holder at the Communication and Engagement Coordination of the Green Office at the University of Turin, she graduated in Communication, ICT, and Media with an empirical thesis on dark web analysis. Interested in micro-copy and UX writing, she is specializing in inclusive communication based on respect and the promotion of diversity. She is part of the Communication Team at StraLi, where she handles communication and provides support for website management.

giulia amodeo

Giulia Amodeo 

daniele calderai

He graduated in Economics at the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata'. After working for 3 years in a Foundation of the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance, he obtained a Master's degree in Transnational Crime and Justice at UNICRI. He then did research on organised crime and terrorism at this institute. Passionate about international law, economics and international affairs.

Daniele Calderai

Graduated from law and specialized in human rights, she has experience in civil and international human rights litigation before courts, arbitration tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies. She now deals with anti-discrimination law at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, where contributes to the negotiations and the drafting of international treaties and soft law instruments.

loide cambisano

Loide Cambisano

Civil law attorney, during his studies he attended a semester at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London and he currently serves as judge in the final rounds of the competition in Italy and abroad. He did an internship at the International Maritime Organization in London where he acquired specific knowledge in international law of the sea.  He has been collaborating with StraLi since 2023 in the Strategic Litigation Team.

Camurati - Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Federico Camurati

After two and a half years as trainee lawyer, she is now a Cyber Security and Data Management consultant. She has a law degree by the University of Trento and she studied in the USA, Portugal and Palestine where she has deepened her knowledge in human rights’ law, with a particular focus on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

carlotta capizzi

Carlotta Capizzi

jessica comba

Jessica Comba 

Graduated in Communication, ICT, and Media with an experimental thesis on the use of a chatbot as a compensatory tool for learning English for individuals with specific learning disorders (SLD), she is passionate about UX and technology supporting minority rights. She is a member of the Communication Team at StraLi, where she is involved in creating graphic content and managing the website.

She graduated at the University of Turin and Nice with a thesis on access to justice, she is now a lawyer mainly in the field of immigration law. 

Always engaged in the assistance of migrants, she collaborates with several free legal advice desks. Since 2022, she has been a member of StraLi and she now coordinates the Immigration Law Team. 

elena garelli

Elena Garelli

After graduating in law at the University of Bologna, she started working as a lawyer and a PhD candidate in the universities of Florence and Maastricht. Her research deals with criminal behavior and accountability of AI systems. She is passionate about new technologies, health law (specifically mental health), detention and the defense of rights of inmates.

alice giannini

Alice Giannini

He graduated in law from the University of Turin in 2013 with a thesis on the transformation of migrants into enemies of society. He qualified as a lawyer in 2016 and practises in the areas of administrative law and civil law.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-30 at 22.27.17.jpeg

Daniele Labbate

After graduating in Law in Trento, she obtained an LLM in International Criminal Law from Leiden University. She currently works in The Hague in this field. She has expertise in representing victims of gender-based violence in domestic proceedings, has gained experience in strategic litigation at the ECCHR in Berlin and in diplomacy at the Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN in Geneva.

sarah lupi

Sarah Lupi

He is an Argentinean lawyer specialized in international criminal law and human rights.

He worked as a Senior Legal Officer at the Argentinean Federal Criminal Court of Cassation for over 15 years and has previous experience at the ICTY.

He holds a professor position at the universities of Palermo and Buenos Aires (Argentina), and he is a legal adviser at the Argentinean Embassy in Türkiye. 

tomas kevin manguel

Tomas Kevin Manguel

After a Bachelor Degree in International Cooperation from the Catholic University of Milan, obtains a Master’s Degree in European Legal Studies from the University of Turin. As passionate about EU and International Migration and Asylum Law, she writes a MA research thesis on the duty to render assistance at sea in the framework of SAR operations in the central Mediterranean (International Law of the Sea). After a traineeship at the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in the Migration and Asylum Programme, she currently works as a Registration Officer for the EU Agency for Asylum (EUAA).

maria giulia marinari

Maria Giulia Marinari

 After graduating in law in Turin, he understands that litigation is not for him. He is back in education with an LL.M. in Law & Digital Tech at Leiden University. He decides to move to the UK, where he begins a professional career in legal and fintech. Fed up with reviewing dysfunctional contracts, he joins legal design. He works as a legal innovator in start-ups waiting to qualify Solicitor. 

mario mendola

Marco Mendola

Criminal and food lawyer.

She has always been interested in human rights; she has carried out several training experiences in the field of deprivation of liberty and she has previous experience in the world of prison volunteering and as legal support for migrants.

She has been in StraLi since 2019 as a member of the strategic litigation team and as a support for the communication team.

laura olivero

Laura Olivero

 Lawyer practising in Turin, qualified to practise before the Supreme Courts since 2021. He deals with administrative law and civil law, devoting himself mainly to defending citizens in their relations with the public administration. He has gained experience in litigation at the European Court of Human Rights. At StraLi, he coordinates the 'Prevention Measures' group.


Paolo Alberto Reineri

Graduated in International and Diplomatic Studies at the University of Bologna, she is now obtaining her Master's Degree in Law and sustainable development at the University of Milan, focusing on human rights, social rights and environmental law. With StraLi, she has been working with the communication and environmental teams. In the meantime, she works for a consultancy company in Milan.

anna rossa

Anna Rossa

Sottile - Profile Pic_edited.jpg

PhD student in Public Law Institutions at the University of Genoa, he directs his research interests towards issues such as constitutional emergency, the relation between technologies and fundamental rights and penitentiary law.

He works in Italian prisons providing legal assistance and as a tutor for detained students.

Lorenzo Sottile

After obtaining her Master’s in Law at the University of Bologna, she pursued her LL.M. at the Geneva Academy International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in 2022. 

She worked for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collaborated with international NGOs. She now works on socio economic rights and criminal law in Bologna as trainee lawyer.


Silvia Tassotti

Civil lawyer, she graduated from the University of Turin, while obtaining also the “Licence en Droit Français” from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

Since February 2021, she has been collaborating with a multidisciplinary firm with offices in Turin, Milan and Rome, and a member of the International Relations Commission of the Turin Bar Council. 

Prunas Tola - Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Camilla Prunas Tola

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, she graduated in 2018 with a law degree from Stellenbosch University specialising in criminal law and constitutional law. In 2022 she obtained her LLM in Law and Sustainable Development from the University of Milan specialising in international environmental law and international criminal law. She works as legal counsel for a start-up in Montpellier, France.  

mignon van der westhuizen

Mignon Van Der Westhuizen

Project Officer at ELIL, NGO that provides free legal assistance to asylum seekers, she is a Law graduated with a Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management. She has worked for international institutions, as the UN and the EU Delegation to the UN; and as legal researcher. Committed to work towards a higher protection of human rights, through juridical tools.

Zanirato - Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Serena Zanirato

She holds a master’s degree in Law with a specialization in International Law, she has experience in civil, juvenile and immigration law litigation. She has worked as a researcher at the Universities of Udine, Turin and Aosta Valley. Currently, she is a member of several human rights associations and works in the Legal Services Unit of the European Union Agency for Asylum.

Zemoz - Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Nicole Valentina  Zemoz

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